CFT De-Dusting Solutions

99% Clean

Dirty air in. Clean air out. That’s the plan. We offer the highest-quality, lowest-level residual dust extraction solutions on the market, including dry de-dusting equipment, wet scrubbers, and dry-cutting extraction systems. We partner with CFT Compact Filter Technics, another multi-generational, multi-national company with decades of experience.

Our products can handle the most challenging demands, including coal mining, concrete spraying operations, and even medical-grade HEPA13 environments. Our filters are designed to capture and remove quartz, diesel particulates, asbestos, metallic dust, and more.

CFT De-dusting Benefits include:

  • Cleaning efficiency rates greater than 99.99% with durable rigid filter elements
  • Compact designs ideal for existing systems
  • Maintenance access from the clean air side
  • Low consumption, low power, low compressed air operations
  • Segregated raw/clean gas filter channels optimize air distribution
  • Patented smart-dust discharge system
  • High-quality dry-cutting extraction for low-water situations and freezing environments
  • Conformity with ATEX and compliance with EN 16191 (MSHA)(UL)
  • Long-lasting equipment life, smooth operations, and reliable service when you need it
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The Spendrup Difference

Design to

Every aspect of production is controlled by our team.


Designers, consultants and engineers are all in-house.

& Manufacturing

Fabrication & Manufacturing is done onsite with our full team right here.

ISO 9001

Ensuring the highest quality in all our manufactured products.