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Comprehensive Solutions

Our experience and knowledge in design and manufacturing vane axial mining fans are available to solve a wide range of industry applications. With nearly 60 years of experience, our team of expert engineers can help you maintain proper airflow and fan pressure throughout the mine, exceeding all safety standards and creating optimum work conditions for your employees.

Custom fans for unique situations

336-122-318-HVLP, 100hp, 336cm (144") Diameter

Turn Key Solutions

When a customer purchases a new industrial vane axial mining fan, our team will provide everything you need to get it installed and running. This includes ground work, foundations engineering, electrical engineering, and aid in start-up.

In-field Service

The field crew from Spendrup Fan Company offers on-site repair and rebuild for industrial fans.  This is done when the customer either can’t send the fan back or is concerned about downtime issues.

In-field Balancing & Vibration Analysis

Our expert service techs go on-site to balance impellers of any fan company’s products. We inspect the system and check for vibration issues and recommend efficient solutions.

Repair & Rebuild

After some time, industrial fans may need to be repaired or rebuilt to operate like new.  Our team services our own industrial fans as well as other company’s vane axial fans and ventilation equipment.

In-field Troubleshooting

In-field inspection crews will go on-site to inspect fans that are having issues such as: lack of airflow, stalling, vibration, or noise issues. We will seek to discover the root cause of the problem and suggest a plan of action to resolve the issue.

The Spendrup Difference

Design to

Every aspect of production is controlled by our team.


Designers, consultants and engineers are all in-house.

Fabrication & Manufacturing

Fabrication & Manufacturing is done in our facility with the support of our entire team.

ISO 9001

Ensuring the highest quality in all our manufactured products.